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Resurrection: A Message For Our Time and All Time

Resurrection: A Message For Our Time and All Time

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A Course in Miracles has a unique interpretation of Jesus' resurrection, one that makes it both timeless and yet practical for our time. It speaks to literally everything we face in life. It speaks to our current world situation just as much as any situation that we will ever encounter. The Course says that if we can learn this one lesson, “there will be no need to learn from many smaller lessons.”

In this 2-hour webinar workshop, Robert Perry and Emily Bennington provide a deeper exploration of the Course's profound lesson on resurrection. You will learn:

  • What it means to call the resurrection a “demonstration”
  • The evidence that supports the idea that the resurrection actually happened
  • How the message of the resurrection applies to our current challenges
  • The "one lesson" of the resurrection that, if understood and applied, will save us from "many smaller lessons."

We hope you will join us and discover the Course’s innovative and powerful understanding of the resurrection – and how to apply it to your life today.

Purchase includes 2 hours of video content and 8-page handout. 


WOW. The Resurrection seminar was mind-blowing! I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much Robert and Emily for such a beautiful, helpful event.

Jill M.


Thank you. The workshop was really terrific and the meditations were especially wonderful. I will use them anytime I find myself thinking of a person with attack thoughts. I will be pondering this a great deal for weeks to come.

Vickie S.


Thank you soooo much for the Resurrection webinar. It was more helpful than I can express. My history with organized religion has been very painful. Seeing the Resurrection in the way your presented was a great blessing and will have a significant impact on my life.

Linda B.