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Becoming a Miracle Worker Mini-Course

Becoming a Miracle Worker Mini-Course

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This mini-course aligns with the Miracle Principle teachings of Chapter 1 in A Course in Miracles and is divided into four 1-hour classes.

Class 1: The role of miracle worker

Class 2: Miracle-mindedness

Class 3: Giving miracles

Class 4: Miracles as a way of life

The first class covers the basics of a miracle and offers a new definition of this important Course term. Traditionally, a miracle has been touted as a shift in perception when it is primarily described in the Course as an expression of love

The remaining classes focus more on ‘how to’: how to cultivate the state of mind from which miracles come, how to give miracles to others, and lastly, how to make miracle working a way of life.

In Becoming a Miracle Worker, you will learn the following:

  • The power and potential contained within every miracle.
  • The enormous and myriad reciprocal benefits that accrue to BOTH the miracle receiver and the miracle giver.
  • The vital, individual role as miracle workers we play in healing the world.
  • How to prepare your mind to become an effective miracle worker.
  • The role that prayer, behavior, and inner guidance play in the giving of miracles.

Your purchase includes: 

  • 4 hours of video instruction
  • A beautiful PDF booklet highlighting the concepts and lessons in the course
  • All class notes from your instructors
  • A bonus video from our Course Companions Sunday Gathering featuring an example from Jesus of true miracle worker.