Finding and Fulfilling Your Special Function

Finding and Fulfilling Your Special Function

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Every one of us has a deep need to make a contribution, to take the best in us and use it to do something of value in the world. We often describe this as our life purpose or our calling. 

A Course in Miracles has its own name for this: our special function.

The Course teaches that each of us has been given our own special part in God’s plan, our unique contribution to the salvation of the world. It is chosen for us by the Holy Spirit, based on His unerring insight into our particular strengths and abilities. Through our special function, we contribute to the salvation of others and thereby find salvation ourselves.

This concept, however, brings up many essential questions:

  • How do we find out what our special function is?
  • How do we ready ourselves to fulfill it?
  • How do we actually begin it?
  • What should be our main priorities while we carry it out?
  • Does it change over time?

In this workshop, Robert Perry and Emily Bennington help you understand this topic in the Course, navigate through it on a personal level, and avoid the inevitable ego pitfalls along the way. 

Purchase includes: 

  • Three hours of video content
  • 12-page handout 

 There is no substitute for a life filled with meaning and purpose. We hope you will join us for this workshop on special function in A Course in Miracles.