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Guidance: How to Ask, Hear, and Discern the Voice Within

Guidance: How to Ask, Hear, and Discern the Voice Within

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The topic of guidance is perennially difficult for Course students.

How many times have you heard, or said, “I ask for guidance, but I just don’t hear anything”? Wouldn’t it be great if A Course in Miracles gave us detailed instructions in precisely how to listen for the Holy Spirit’s messages?

Thankfully, it does exactly that.

The day before the Course started coming through, Helen received specific dictation that was meant to help Bill in his own listening for guidance. The topic appears at numerous points throughout the Text and there is a bank of nearly fifty lessons in the Workbook in which we are told to ask every hour.

In effect, the Course is training us to ask for guidance all throughout each day. This, of course, raises a lot of questions:

How do you ask?
Who do you ask?
Is it okay to ask about specific decisions?
How do you know if what you heard was correct?
How do you carry it out?

Because we hear these questions on an almost daily basis, Robert and Emily hosted a two-part workshop on this extremely important Course teaching. In these classes they drew upon the Course’s extensive material on seeking and hearing guidance, as well as stories from the lives of Helen and Bill and their own long experience in attempting to follow guidance.

This workshop features a number of practical exercises designed to help you receive guidance in your own life. By the end, we hope you feel prepared to make seeking, hearing, and discerning guidance a core part of your decision-making process every day.

Purchase includes: 

  • 6 hours of video content
  • 27-page handout