How to Meditate According to A Course in Miracles

How to Meditate According to A Course in Miracles

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Meditation plays an extremely important role in A Course in Miracles. It appears in all three volumes of the Course but meditation is a particular focus of the Workbook.

In this workshop, Circle founder Robert Perry and executive director Emily Bennington will introduce you to Course-based meditation and offer practical instruction on how to meditate successfully. You will learn specific Course techniques that cover:

  • How to begin and end your meditation
  • What to focus your mind on in meditation
  • When should we meditate and for how long
  • How to deal with distraction and wandering thoughts
  • How flexible or rigid to be with following the instructions
  • How to handle drowsiness
  • How to deal with fear in meditation
  • How to know if your meditation practice is succeeding

Purchase includes: 

  • 3.5-hour recording for your records.
  • Handout covering major themes and teaching notes.
  • 3 bonus guided meditations