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How to Pray: A Practical Guide from A Course in Miracles

How to Pray: A Practical Guide from A Course in Miracles

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Prayer is the greatest gift with which God blessed His Son at his creation. -- Song of Prayer

There is no more basic and universal response to the Divine than prayer. Yet we all have questions about how to do it. Whom do we pray to? What do we pray for? How can we pray most effectively? These questions can be especially confusing for students of A Course in Miracles, where we often wonder if we should pray at all.

Yet there is no mystery about any of these questions in the Course itself. The Course contains extensive instruction on prayer, roughly 200 references to prayer, and over 150 actual prayers. Out of all this arises a groundbreaking and truly beautiful approach to prayer. It is this approach that Circle founder Robert Perry and executive director Emily Bennington will cover in this workshop, presenting both its theory and practice.

You will come out of this workshop knowing how to have a rich and satisfying prayer life, one that leaves you feeling closer to God and feeling that you have help for your core concerns in life. This will include knowing:

  • Whom to pray to
  • How to pray
  • What to pray for
  • When to pray

Purchase includes: 

  • 3-hour recording for your records.
  • Handouts covering major themes and teaching notes.

Please note: There is a slight technical issue in Robert's volume level at the beginning of the workshop, but this is corrected about 10 minutes in to Session One.)