Maybe It's You: Understanding Our Relationship with Projection

Maybe It's You: Understanding Our Relationship with Projection

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The idea of projection is familiar to us all. With projection, you see in others that which you don’t want to see in yourself.

But how relevant is this concept for us in our everyday lives? Is it possible that projection is responsible for far more than we would ever guess? That it is responsible for our whole perception of the world? And of ourselves?

This is the startling prospect that A Course in Miracles lays before us. But this is also good news.

When we understand projection we have the power to undo its distortions and liberate our perception.

In this workshop, which is based on a study of the Course’s many references to the concept, Robert and Emily outline a new understanding of projection. You will learn Course-based tools for understanding:

  • What projection is

  • The many, largely unknown forms it takes

  • How it produces your perception of the world and of yourself

  • How to catch it in action

  • How to break free of it

If you are tired of your perception of the world feeling fixed and unalterable, and if you want to stop judging people for what is really inside of you, please join us for a fascinating look at the Course’s teachings on projection.

When you register for this workshop, you will receive:

  • 3.5 hour recording. 

  • 12-page handout covering major themes and teaching notes.