Practicing Forgiveness Mini-Course

Practicing Forgiveness Mini-Course

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This mini-course draws much of its content from the teachings of Chapter 9 in the Text of A Course in Miracles and is divided into four 1-hour classes.

Class 1: The correction of error

Class 2: Looking beyond error

Class 3: The unhealed healer

Class 4: Not making error real

As the concept is introduced, at its core is the idea of “not making error real.” This lays the groundwork for Course-based forgiveness and is what sets it apart from conventional forgiveness. This mini-course covers the three sections in Chapter 9 that introduce this new and very different idea of forgiveness. And then ends with a summary and overview of the concept of “not making error real.”

In Practicing Forgiveness, you will learn the following:

  • How our job is to heal our brother, not correct him
  • That we heal by not accepting our brother's error as real—which leads to not perceiving our own errors as real
  • The importance of accepting the Holy Spirit’s plan of forgiveness
  • We do not heal; we realize the Holy Spirit is the only Healer and let healing be
  • Not making error real is the foundation of Course-based forgiveness

Your purchase includes: 

  • 4 hours of video instruction
  • A beautiful 32-page PDF booklet highlighting the concepts and lessons in the course
  • All class notes from your instructors

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*The mini-course and ebook content reference the Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles, which you can find here: