The Holy Spirit Mini-Course

The Holy Spirit Mini-Course

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In A Course in Miracles, the Holy Spirit is referred to by many names: bridge, communication link, Voice, Teacher, mediator, and Guide. The Course teaches that we started out in Heaven at one with God, but then we separated—i.e., fell asleep to this condition. This produced a gulf between us and God. Therefore, God created the Holy Spirit to bridge the gulf so we can return. He stands on both sides so that communication can still occur, making return possible. 

This mini-course will go over the following:

  • what the Holy Spirit is and what He is not
  • the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives
  • the difference between Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • the decision we must make in order to be like Jesus

              Your purchase includes 4-hours of video instruction from Robert Perry and Emily Bennington, plus an accompanying 31-page full-color booklet that highlights key concepts and lessons, and offers practical exercises to help you apply and experience the teaching. It also includes space for you to take down your own notes and insights, whether you print your copy, use it as an ebook, or annotate it in conjunction with an app such as Goodnotes or Evernote.

              PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for the downloadable mini-course (four classes) PLUS the accompanying booklet.

              *The mini-course and ebook content reference the Complete and  Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles, which you can find here: