Workbook Companion 2-Volume Bundle

Workbook Companion 2-Volume Bundle

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Workbook Companion Volume I, 2nd edition (Lessons 1 – 180)
(568 pages; paperback)

Workbook Companion Volume II, 2nd edition (Lessons 181 – 365)
(703 pages; paperback)

Purchase both volumes for one discounted price. 

Designed to aid in the practice and understanding of the Workbook’s daily lessons, these beloved commentaries by Allen Watson and Robert Perry include insightful teachings, detailed practice summaries, personal anecdotes, and cameo essays on related topics such as meditation in the Course. Allen and Robert’s companionship and wise counsel shine through each lesson, bringing miracles into your daily experience.

NOTE: The Workbook Companion references are keyed to the FIP edition of A Course in Miracles.